Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes you have to feed the crazy in you...

Okay, so if you have read my post about sleep and babies you know that parents have tried almost everything to get there baby to fall -- and stay -- asleep. (I should say as I write this that my daughter is sound asleep in her car seat which has been placed on a device that swings the seat. I don't know why babies like this -- it would make me puke). Now that a friend has shown me this -- I'm pretty sure that no parenting product can surprise me anymore.

The copy of the ad is a slick combination of confusing and frightening:

If you've ever wished for a hand to leave behind so that your baby would feel as if you've never left the room, your prayers have been answered with the Zaky.

No I have never wished for a dis-embodied hand to leave with my child. Who would ever wish for that? Why don't I just stick a horse's head in her crib and call it a night?


  1. Haha Seriously creepy.

    Also, agreed that the baby swing gives me motion sickness just looking at it.