Monday, March 29, 2010

Play Time!

I think I have finally learned that, at Olive’s age, toys are useless. Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say, at Olive’s age the WORLD is a toy. Leanne and I have spent quite bit of money on toys. Well-meaning friends and relatives have definitely chipped in with some blocks and teddy bears and dolls and various things that light up, play music and beep. Now Olive does play with her toys (and by "play" I mean "chew on") but usually it is because there is nothing else within arm's reach. I should have learned this lesson earlier, considering her favorite toys when she was only a few months old were spoons and measuring cups. About a month ago she made toilet paper her own never-ending roll of fun. This is in addition to the regular remote control, cell phone, and kitchen towel obsession. But her interests have progressed as she has aged.

Here are some of Olive’s recent playthings.

She can entertain herself turning on and off the Xbox for a good 10 – 15 minutes.

Who says you shouldn’t let kids play with plastic bags? This bought Leanne and I enough time to make dinner!

It should be noted that about three feet from where she is standing is a whole box full of toys. But she had a blast emptying her drawer full of pants and socks instead. You might take note that there is actually a toy RIGHT NEXT TO HER! It never got touched.

You know, I should probably just leave this one alone. Way out of my league.

Unfortunately, Olive also gravitates towards anything that is dangerous. We have done a pretty good job baby-proofing, but if there is an electrical cord or a bag of trash waiting to go outside or a wine glass on the coffee table, she will find it.

Of course, even with all this photographic evidence, I still couldn’t help myself from buying a toy for her birthday next week. I should probably return it and wrap up some TP and let her go at it.


  1. Hahaha oh my god, so funny. She is too cute. Also, that last picture makes me think it might be time to have "the talk" with Olive.

  2. Learning how to turn on the xbox is stage 1. Before you know it, you'll be hearing the sounds of some expert mode Skynyrd coming from the living room.

  3. Ur favorite mum-in-lawMarch 30, 2010 at 11:33 AM

    Right - kids don't need expensive toys. You have everything at home for fun, learning and helping out.
    1)give her a dust pan or small bowl and make a game of picking stuff off the floor and putting it into the dust pan (eye/hand coordination) . 2)teach her colors by letting her separate dirty clothes for the wash. 3) put cotton gloves on her hands and teach her to polish the low spots (xbox, DVD player, ect.) you tall parents can't see. 4)put her clean clothes on the floor and make a game of finding (pants, shirts, socks)in a pile and putting them INTO the draw. 5) give her all the clean socks and teach her how to pair them up by color and size. 6)spoons and pots make great musical toys. 7)kids love water - put her in the sink with a dirty pot, water & suds and a dish cloth - oh what fun and a clean pot.
    Then cancel the maid! (Ha)