Friday, September 9, 2011

Lunch Time

Is there really a better treat than lunch at Chipotle? Thanks, Mom!

Actually, I do need to give them some credit. They have managed to create a kid’s meal that my child will actually eat and is not going to saddle her with diabetes before she knows how to tie her shoes (by the way, when should she learn how to tie her shoes?). A chipotle kid’s meal consists of: A small cheese quesadilla – that we add veggies to -- black beans, rice, and milk. Yes, it is packed with sodium and my guess is that they put a lot more cheese on the quesadilla than necessary, but it is fast food. It is a treat. Like candy. You don’t give it to them every day.

As you can see from the picture, Olive devoured the quesadilla and is pointing to the site of its death.  She has come a long way from this.

(And just if you were wondering…no, I didn’t receive any goods or service in exchange for this post. Simply thought it was a cute picture of a little girl who just destroyed a quesadilla like it made fun of her mother.) 

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  1. Hoooray for you returning to the blog! Olive is adorable. More Asher pictures, please.