Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrate Consumerism! Part Two!

There are more exciting posts to come, I promise, but I am having trouble getting videos up on blogger which is really slowing down my production.

So I figured this is a good time to re-visit my celebration of consumerism. Since it seems like all the rage these days, it is probably best that I start with a little disclosure.

I make no money from this blog nor have I received any products in exchange for me writing about them. I am not compensated for my links and get no proceeds from ads.

All this is funny to me because I think about three people actually read this – but I guess it is best to be honest. Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to pay me or give me free stuff, I would gladly accept. Just don’t be angry if I say that your product is shite.

There, now that silliness is over with, let’s talk about neat detachable chairs. When we first registered for the Chicco Caddy Hook-On Chair, I kinda thought it was going to be one of those useless little pieces of baby gear. We already had a high chair and restaurants provide them for you, so I fully expected this to sit in a box and get used twice before we handed it down to someone. Wrong.

The chair spends most of its time hooked on to the end of our kitchen table. It provides a great place to plop Olive when we were making a meal, eating, or working around the kitchen. She can belly right up to the kitchen table and play with toys or eat some finger foods. You might remember that the chair was featured prominently in a previous post on how much Olive enjoyed dropping toys and getting daddy to pick them up for her.

We’ve also used the chair more than a few times in restaurants. We found that for the first nine months or so of Olive’s life that restaurant high chairs were both too low and too roomy. She would slide around the seat and end up slouched back staring towards the sky, immobile, uncomfortable, and frustrated. If you propped her forward, her head was at just the right level to ram her mouth into the edge of the table – luckily, she didn’t really have any teeth to knock out.

The Chicco chair, however, quickly attaches right to almost any table and makes it a heck of a lot easier to entertain or feed her while eating. I mean, check out how happy these parents are in this picture. A regular restaurant high chair just doesn’t bring that kind of joy!

Of course, the thing ain’t perfect. As you can see from every negative review on Amazon, it isn't going to fit on all tables. Also, while it is fairly small, it isn’t exactly easy to fold or carry around. If you are out by yourself and already carrying a diaper bag and a baby, it isn’t the easiest thing to lug into a busy eatery. Also, beware of the stability of the table and the size of your baby. At one restaurant the weight of Olive was almost enough to tip a small two-top table backwards.

But other than the slight danger of crushing your child under the weight of a falling table, this thing is awesome.

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  1. We just bought the Phil & Ted's Metoo chair for Arlo. It's rad. I mostly bought it because Phil and Ted made it. I was prepared for it to be an excellent adventure. And it is.