Monday, February 8, 2010

What is the infant dosage of Tylenol PM?

My brain is not working today. I have started and stopped a couple blog entries at this point, but can't seem to get something coherent down on the screen. This may be because Leanne has been away for the last few days so I have been flying solo (well, I did spend yesterday at my parent's house -- so not completely solo).

I have learned a couple things from this experience:
1) Single parents obviously have super powers.
2) Naps are important.

Over the last couple days, Olive has decided that she really doesn't need two naps. One will be sufficient. Unfortunately, this throws off a very nice routine where I get a couple hours to myself both in the morning and the evening, with the waking baby hours easily filled with walks, play time, meals, and such. Taking one of those naps away means there is suddenly two more hours to fill.

You would think missing a nap here and there wouldn't be a big deal. That is not the case. I'm completely spent. I am writing this as Olive, thankfully, naps. I spent the last 5 or so hours trying to where Olive out by walking her all over the house and limiting her only to physically difficult tasks.

"What, you want to read a book? No, that is a stationary activity. Come on, let's go try to get you to do pull-ups!"

Therefore, I have no cognitive power available to write mildly witty but mostly sappy and annoying blog. Instead, I'll just post a recent cute picture of Olive.

Ever wonder why they put pockets on baby clothes? So you can pose your baby for pictures like this.


  1. Best picture ever.

    I may or may not have ever broken up a little dramamine and sprinkled it in a certain toddler's ice cream.

  2. Her skin looks great and what a beautiful picture. Well - I am partial to the girl.