Friday, April 23, 2010

Proper Bath Technique

So, I have been at this a year, and there are obviously more than a few things that continue to baffle me about child care. You know, things like, how do I keep my one year old from laughing furiously every time she pinches my neck, why does Olive love to eat dirt so much, and should I be scared that my daughter’s favorite liquid seems to be Infant Tylenol?

Given these and other issues I have been having, I decided to reach out for some help. It may seem trivial and I’m definitely putting myself out for ridicule, but questions need answers. So, this is a question to you, loyal dedicated reader(s).

How do you wash a toddler’s hair without a) performing a dangerous balancing act with a slippery wet baby is a slippery wet tub with slippery wet hands that results in said baby falling back into the water; or b) pouring cups of water into the child’s eyes.

I still bathe Olive in her infant/toddler bathtub. I do this because it allows me to lean her back in a reclined position to pour water over her head. Unfortunately, she is quickly getting too big for the tub and I feel like by now she should be in the regular bathtub. I mean, at some point she needs to transition. I just can’t figure out how to wash her hair. Am I missing something here? How do other parents do this without drowning their child or temporarily blinding them? There has to be a simple technique to this that I haven’t figured out. So I am reaching out to you, my diminutive blog-o-sphere community, for a little help. What does a father do?


  1. Get one of those chairs and sinks you see in the hair salons. Ya know, the chair that reclines back and the sink that has the little groove for your neck? Love those. They must come in one year old versions.

    I'm all sorts of help, ain't I?

    Oh wait... did I just give away the fact that I get my hair washed at a hair salon? Ok, please forget everything you just read.

  2. Hey, that's what I was going to suggest! We'd be awesome parents, huh?

    I wish I had some helpful suggestions for you, but I've never even held a baby - let alone bathed one. Good luck!

  3. Do they make baby-sized salon chair?! That would be awesome. Jess - you've never held a baby? I could have helped you with that!

  4. Nope, I really haven't. Possibly when I was a little kid and my parents sat me on the couch with a baby cousin for a photo op. But I really don't think I have as an adult. I'm very rarely around babies, and when I am there are lots of other people around who are better equipped to hold them. It's better for everyone if I just make funny faces and ooh and ahh from a safe distance.