Monday, June 14, 2010

Reading the Signs

So when you first become a parent, one of the tougher things to deal with is that babies are non-vocal. They can’t tell you what they want or what is bothering them or what hurts. They just cry and it is your job to figure out why.

This detective work does get a little easier as they get older. First, you start to figure out what their cries mean. One cry means they are tried, another hungry, another means they are in pain. Then they start pointing or shaking their head at things. Then they start saying things like “no” or “ball” or “juice.” It was a blessed day when Olive started saying no to things. I know, it seems contrarian, but it is a huge help when your child is crying and you can eliminate a toy or a drink or something else as a possible solution by having them shake their head no.

If you are ambitious you can teach your child sign language. I hear it works great and allows you to communicate with your child long before they become vocal. We tried teaching Olive for a couple weeks, but then the library book we took out came due and, well, Leanne and I are kinda lazy a didn’t really keep on top of it.

Also, if you wait long enough, kids make up their own signs, their own ways of letting you know what they want. For example, I’m pretty sure this meant that Olive wanted her milk.

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