Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teddy Ruxpin Redux

Olive has these two stuffed animals that talk to you. And sing. And ask you to hug them.

In the olden days we had Teddy Ruxpin – basically a tape player surrounded by a frightening animatronic bear. What kid didn’t want to have one…and then get nightmares about one!

Well, these two bears (and she has two of them because we got them as gifts) are WAAAY more advanced than Teddy Ruxpin. On one of them, you press the feet and it says “Foot”. Convenient. You press its ear and, you guessed it, it says “Ear”. Both of them play songs and giggle and have some sort of interactive feature. One bear can actually be hooked up to your computer to allow you to choose your child’s name, favorite animal, food, color, etc. So I was able to program the bear to say “Hi, Olive! I looove Pumas. Do you? I can’t wait till we get to eat some black-eyed peas!”

So, with all of these wonderful features. With all of this technology that was unavailable to me when I was growing up. To Olive, the most fascinating thing about these bears is that they have a battery pack stuffed into their back. She will play with the bears appropriately for a little while then she will inevitably turn them over, rip open the Velcro running down the spine, and start exploring the innards of the bear. Eventually, they get left on the floor like two victims of a black market kidney theft. Some day, I’m going to find them in a tub of ice with a note attached to them telling the bears to call 911.

I would have never done that to you, Teddy Ruxpin.

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