Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Edition

This summer is Olive’s first experience with the World Cup. Although she has watched about forty five seconds of soccer, with thirty of those seconds spent trying to figure out if Elmo was somewhere on the TV (I think he plays for Brazil), I can still try to get her in the spirit. I’m trying to teach her some chants, plan on buying her one of those plastic horns (so I can burn it) and am trying to use some time at the playground to teach her proper hooliganism. “Ok, Olive. No kick that scrawny kid, elbow him in the throat and yell ‘OY!’”

So this weekend we made it a soccer weekend. We started the day of the long-awaited England vs USA match by visiting Minuteman National Park. We walked the battle road, visited the site of Paul Revere’s capture and saw plenty of plaques honoring unnamed fallen British soldiers. You know, never too early to teach Olive about how we as Americans can kick some colonialist behind.

Later we broke out the soccer ball. She hasn’t quite figured out the kicking thing yet. Really, she just wants to pick up the ball, take a few steps, lick it, and then throw it. Maybe she just wants to be a keeper?

Ole, ole, ole, ole!!!

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