Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is a long overdue post regarding the joy that was Olive's first Christmas. My in-law's were down to enjoy watching her make her way downstairs and open gifts and really discover the joy of giving and receiving. What could be better than a little chubby ball of happiness on what really might be the happiest day of the year? I can almost hear the sleigh bells jingle right now!

Or maybe I just hear the mucus in Olive's chest? Really, though, Olive had a killer of a cold, had no idea why we were all smiling and taking pictures of her at 7:00 AM and was far more entertained by the ribbons and bows and crinkling wrapping paper than anything else. Merry Christmas, in-laws! Hope you enjoy getting snot wiped on your shoulder and dodging coughs and sneezes!

She also had a constant stream of snot running from her nose and her horrible mean parents dressed her in a red velevety, frilly, monstrosity of an outfit because it happened to say "Baby's First Christmas" on it. I don't think she enjoyed our style, but I mean, there is no other appropriate time to wear something like that, so if she was ever going to wear it, it better be the 25th of December. Suck it up.

I have to say though, one thing about a sick baby is that they never want to be put down -- which helps when you can't imagine letting them go.

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  1. Jeff's favorite mother-in-lawJanuary 12, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    Yes, she was a very snooty nosed kid and yes I caught that awful cold that lasted 2 weeks but I would never have passed up my granddaughter's first Christmas or my children's first Christmas in their home. Jeff surprised us with Christmas stockings as we did them. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed watching Jeff & Leanne open Olive's presents even though she didn't.

    Olive learned to wave "bye-bye" to us or was that her parents doing in getting us to go home SOON? I don't believe so.

    Grampy put her in her toy box after taking a few toys out and much to her delight found she could sit then pull herself up to a standing position. She entertained herself for quite a while playing with a pacifier she found.

    Olive's lucky to have 2 awesome parents!