Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Have to Crawl Before You Can Walk

Apparently, that is not true. Olive has always been a girl who knows what she wants. She has always tended to whine when she wasn't getting what she wanted, and then when she did, she rewarded you with a huge, cute smile -- this is nice now, but is really bad news when she turns 13.

Right now, what she really wants to do is move. She wants to get to that thing over there, and eat that thing over there, and then she wants to get back.

A few weeks ago, she was content sitting in one place and reaching for things. Now, not so much. She has figured out that she can move. She just doesn't want to do it on her hands and knees. Usually, she when she ends up on her stomach, she screams bloody murder until Leanne or I give in and pick her up.

I know, I know. We aren't letting her figure it out. Trust me, we let her cry on her tummy quite a bit. She shows no motivation to get up and crawl. What she does work at, however, is walking.

Olive is now successfully cruising from chair to chair around the kitchen table, from couch to coffee table in the living room, and from dresser to crib to toy box in her bedroom.


Oh yeah, and she also loves having her hands held and just walking around the house. You can get huge smiles from that. My back is still sore from bending over and walking behind Olive for half the day on Monday. Hopefully all this works out into a good 100M time.

2030 Olympics here we come!

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